YUNON-HOUSE vol.1 with 出口陽ちゃん配信物販 | ゆいなんすとあ。


YUNON-HOUSE vol.1 with 出口陽ちゃん配信物販

¥ 1,000 tax included

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6/15YUNON-HOUSE vol.1 配信物販(2種類あります)
Sales for 6/15 YUNON-HOUSE vol.1 (there are 2 type of goods)

¥ 1,000 tax included
(The prices include taxes for domestic residents, otherwise it's product prices.)

to each performer: Yuina Mita / Yutapon / Teruaki Ukon / Hi-chan
・本日のポストカード(post card)
 結菜宛投げ銭(donation to Mita Yuina)
 右近輝明宛投げ銭(donation to Teruaki Ukon)
 ゆたぽん宛投げ銭(donation to Yutapon)
 ひーちゃん宛投げ銭(donation to Hi-chan)
出口陽宛投げ銭(donation to Aki Deguchi)
 サイン入りポストカード(a post card with sign)

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¥ 1,000 tax included