YUNON-HOUSE vol.10 with 出口陽配信物販 | ゆいなんすとあ。


YUNON-HOUSE vol.10 with 出口陽配信物販

¥1,000 tax included

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10/16 YUNON-HOUSE vol.10 配信物販
Sales for 10/16 YUNON-HOUSE vol.10
¥ 1,000 tax included
(The prices include taxes for domestic residents, otherwise it's product prices.)

①ポストカード(a post card with sign)
(We will send you a photo card of all the performers, including the guests. All the performers will sign the photo.)

(For every donation to a member, we will send you a trading card of that member.
Our members are Yuina Mita, Yutapon, Teruaki Ukon, and Sara.)

出口陽宛投げ銭(donation to Aki Deguchi)
結菜宛投げ銭(donation to Yuina Mita)
右近輝明宛投げ銭(donation to Teruaki Ukon)
ゆたぽん宛投げ銭(donation to Yutapon)
さら宛投げ銭(donation to Hi-chan)

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¥1,000 tax included